Proofreading & Editing

It is always, always easier to spot someone else mistake than our own so I've put together some screenshots of errors I've spotted. It is considered a fate worse than death to have our mistakes spotted then pointed out, once in print gone to publishing it can be a cost-saving, life -saving investment to have your work proofread. 

So take your heart out of your mouth push it back from the centre of your chest and hand over your manuscript, website and letters. Paperwork for important events. Prices are variable so ask for a quote beforehand. 

Here is a recent page error on a live site the source has been protected as you can see a survey, more to follow a published gone to print book, and site errors.

Here's another , I have removed the site information but you can see the principle of the error which needed amending.

Please use the box below to request a consultation for proof and editing. 

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proofreading error.jpg