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Why I've chosen to talk about ‘ Clickearners’ and not sign up myself.

‘Clickearners.com’ is a platform offering a range of freelance work and learning tools.  I've listened to some of the other reviews and to dispel any mysticism about some of the information which isn't completely accurate.


Clickearners.com created by ‘ClickBank’ which offers affiliate marketing products and tools. If you listen to the other reviews and buy into the view's that it isn't real, you could be sold short.  What Clickearners aka ClickBank does is teach entrepreneurs.


‘Clickearners’ offer other packages apart from their startup registration fees. Which your at choice whether you buy those or not. Without signing up and from what I know in my humble experience, Jobs are available, perhaps people have felt duped by the way the other products are marketed, What I will say is that if I seriously sat and wrote down how much I have spent in monetary terms on training, books and courses then it would run into the thousands. Being an entrepreneur is a way of life and I pay for my courses and pursuits that develop's the work that I do today, that took me a long time and hopeful the evidence is here in what you are reading. My advice is, be discerning in how much time and money you want to spend on yourself, Ask can I afford this, am I worth spending X amount of pounds on, is it going to add value to what I want to do. You decide. 



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