Money For Old Rope

The following apps are quick and easy to install and pay cash into either your bank account or via Paypal. They are considered in the microtask range.


Entry-level means, the skill level is:  a reasonable level or standard of English required.


Entry-level increases with some of the platforms and so does the pay per job. 

First Up Qmee 

Easy to fill out the profile

Pays out: Yes. Easy no minimum amount  

Skill Level: Entry/ Beginner

This is a great little app, my favourite. I love how the balance shows your earnings totting up when you've completed the survey, easy to withdrawal and no minimum withdrawal. like all apps in this category, they are somewhat time consuming but I found this one the most rewarding and the least annoying. pays directly to a Paypal account which you can then pay straight into a bank account. There is a referral to gain more money after you have completed a certain amount of tasks.

Stars *****

Field Agent

Easy to fill out the profile

Pays out: Yes. paid within Days

Skill Level: Entry/ Beginner 


Ideal for Mum's, Students and Grandparents saving for those extras, pocket/pin Money. Holiday fund etc.

Not a huge influx of jobs but fun and in the microtask range. fill out short surveys while out on your normal shopping trip, take photos in the store give your opinion, mystery shopper! 

Stars ******

I've rated it five as it does pay cash into your bank account, simple to set up. The mystery shopper experience is exciting, lots of fun. Field agent doesn't reward for inviting your friends at this time. They do need genuine mystery shoppers as they rely on the feedback and it goes to improving everybody's shopping experience.



Download Clickworker

Skill Level- Entry/Beginner - Skilled

Stars ****

Available as a desktop and phone app. Variable tasks which you build upon over time. can be done in your spare time, in your office lunch time. 


Some applications work better on a desktop and you may be prompted to use that as some of the surveys are only designed to work on that type of software.


Pay: Cash into Paypal. 


My thoughts on Clickworker, For me its a slow burner but feel it's worth filling out all of the profile tasks and you can increase the types of job offers by filling out the assigned questionnaires and being tested on grammar and response to online tasks. pay scale is slow and low to start. They do offer a variety of tasks which are fun and short, which I prefer. I was offered a questionnaire that wouldn't of been appropriate for under 18's but you can choose to take part or not. nothing visual just questions that some parents might not wish younger teens working part-time for pocket money to see. 


Great for students, Stick with it is the motto! 


Increased earning potential is that you get paid for introducing others, they do have to clock up £10 before you get paid. My feeling is if you have invested so much of time, work until you reach the pay out or your giving all your hard work away. It really is stick with it. Some of the tasks are dependant on your age, location and work field so you might have more offers than say me for instance. 

It has potential so far so good, I'm a little impatient I would want more out of my time. The jury is still out at the moment. I haven't encountered any major issues just be aware that you can get dropped from tasks if your not on a desktop. Your against for the clock for some tasks so make sure your paying attention and have the time to complete the tasks which are around 10 mins or shorter. 


Pros: Short surveys! a big plus for me. fun jobs. I completed a voice-over task and really enjoyed it.






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