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Updated: May 14, 2020

Often a word banned around. A common description for I’m stuck and I don’t have another word for it but if I simply excuse myself you will forgive me as I’m being honest. "I procrastinate!"

Set yourself a challenge for the next month, don't over analyse it, it’s agreed. You’ve spent long enough going over this thing, you have proven all sorts of things to your self your not completely useless, now the buck stops here!

Every second person has a mobile phone on the planet! Pretty much! Set a timer on your clock stop watch and set it for 5 mins.

Clear one draw

Delete built up files on your computer, over loaded images clogging up your phone, laptop what ever it is.

A pile of letters, unopened not filed or attended too!

‘Your just going to do 5 mins’.

Tried and Tested

“Clearing the clutter is a reflection on the inner clutter. like having a loft or attic cleaned it that makes room for the flow of energy to move”

When I tried this I was amazed at how much I got done the things preventing me seemingly reaching my goal was the over whelming pile in front of me and I never seemed to get anywhere. So I set my clock decided I would do a small amount even if it was only going to be for 5 mins.

Now set the clock again for 10 minutes! And so on 20 mins. Create a reward either something you like doing or something else obviously not something that will set yourself up for something unhealthy like a cream cake. Thank god I don’t like cream cakes. Something else. Make an appointment for every morning to set the timer and do at least 5 mins! Make a commitment for the next 30 days.




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