the girl next door


Hi! I'm the Girl Next Door


I'm an artist and writer I have worked in personal & creative development for 20 years. I've written short courses and run groups; I write about online marketing for freelancers and review other ways of making money online. I hope to make your freelance Journey fun and interesting as well as a little less painful while cutting down the hours of researching. 


My creative life started in Ceramics and Design, I now dabble across the board and love playing with textiles and collage. I've kept a journal for more years than I can remember, somewhat religiously plus I make my own. Please take a look around the site if you can't find what you are looking for please send me a message in the box provided below. For Transcription, proofreading and editing enquire's warmly welcomed.

The button provided for donations if you want to help keep content updated and as free as possible, I use affiliate advertisement to help support the running costs of the site. Donations 20% PA donated to charity. 


The site is continuously being updated notice something that doesn't look right check back or send me a message, money in the kitty means you may find I'll send you a thank you in the snail mail!


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